Challenge 1 - Square with space - RCN
Increasing speed and efficiency of government payments
Challenge -Urban Mobility Systems - RCN

Reaching sustainable, effective and user-friendly urban mobility systems

Challenge 3 - Square with space - RCN

Making good use of city data for better informed decision making

Challenge 4 - Square with space - RCN

Reactivating local economies through SMEs

Challenge 5 -Government Capacities- RCN

How can we establish integrated digital payment platforms across public sector services so that governments can become more inclusive and user friendly?

Governments have been focused on digitalizing their services for constituents and businesses for the past decade to simplify interactions with the public sector, freeing up people and companies from dealing with the government to focus on other priorities.

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Engaging with the government is an important part of life1 for people and businesses. Renewing an identity document, filing and paying taxes, or applying for a government permit all are common necessary interactions an individual may have with the government..
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And all too often, interactions with the public sector can be cumbersome and time consuming as analog governments rely heavily on paperwork, personal interactions, and manual execution. This not only fuels distrust of the public sector but also creates administrative burdens, delayed money transfers, and wasted resources for the public administration leading the processes.
In the past decade, more and more governments have started digitalizing their services for constituents with the objective of simplifying the government user experience. Digital services also help governments to improve efficiency and inclusivity and foster prosperity.
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Benefits of Tackling The Challenge

Future ready cities are simplifying interactions between people and governments by digitalizing their government platforms.
Provide a better and simpler user experience
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Reduce operational costs

Boost revenue collection

Make services more accessible to everyone

Increase security and trust in the public sector

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