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Reaching sustainable, effective and user-friendly urban mobility systems

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Making good use of city data for better informed decision making

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Strengthening government public service capacities

How can we increase the speed and efficiency of government payments to address shocks and chronic stresses?

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Governments play a central role in supporting economically vulnerable constituents and businesses through state-disbursed funds such as unemployment benefits and small business grants.
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Government disbursements are essential to alleviating economic stress and driving prosperity by reducing poverty and inequality. In such crisis situations, governments must be able to rapidly increase both the scale and speed of the distribution of state-disbursed funds.

The digital transformation of government disbursements must be accompanied by access. Yet, according to the World Bank, about 1-in-4 of the world’s adult population do not have access to an account, either with a bank or other financial institutions.1

With experts anticipating feeble growth and elevated inflation for a considerable amount of time, government disbursements are likely to remain a policy instrument of first resort.

Governments can disburse funds and deliver vital financial support to people and businesses in need, quickly and effectively through digital payments.2 They can also digitalize manual processes between governments and companies to empower entrepreneurs, improve transparency, streamline costs and mitigate risks.
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Benefits of Tackling The Challenge

Future ready cities are improving the speed and efficiency of government disbursements to residents and small businesses through digital payments.

Improved User Experience

Improved Speed and Access in Crises

Improved Scale of Disbursement

Increased Digital and Financial Inclusion

Cost Savings

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