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Increasing speed and efficiency of government payments
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Making good use of city data for better informed decision making

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Reactivating local economies through SMEs

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Strengthening government public service capacities

How can we make urban mobility more user-friendly, sustainable and effective?

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Urban mobility is the backbone of a city, as it enables people to access vital spaces for work, education and leisure. As rapid urbanization continues to intensify pressure on infrastructure and services, cities are faced with growing challenges.

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Transportation is the largest contributor of energy consumption and pollution with passenger vehicles accounting for 70% of emissions and 50% of urban air pollution1 with a trajectory on track to double by 2050.

Vehicular congestion has increased in cities that were not designed to handle the present volume of traffic, resulting in 46% of commuters to urban centers seeing their commute times increase over the past five years2.

Underbanked and unbanked individuals often struggle with the costs of using public transport and therefore may lack access to a transportation network that is needed for economic opportunity.3

One of the most powerful means of reducing these harmful consequences and increasing quality of living is increasing access to and usage of public transportation systems. More connected and convenient transit payment options are a proven way to encourage ridership, making cities more livable and sustainable and paving the way forward.4
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Benefits of Tackling The Challenge

Future Ready Cities are simplifying access to urban transit with digital payment systems to provide contactless entry with a card or mobile device.

Improved user experience

Continuous data insights

Increased digital and financial inclusion

Increased ridership

Cost savings

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