What is the Future Ready Cities program?

Date: 5 Jul 2023
The Future Ready Cities program helps build urban resilience through digitalization and digital finance. The program has been jointly conceptualized and implemented by the Resilient Cities Network (R-Cities) and Visa since 2020, to support the development of Future Ready Cities through education and advocacy.
It aims to provide actionable learnings, tools, and exchange opportunities for cities everywhere.

During the first two years of the program, member cities of R-Cities participated in a call for challenge submissions. Once selected, program cities entered a collaborative deep dive process with R-Cities and Visa to evaluate their challenge and jointly develop a solution proposal. Based on this evaluation and proposal, Visa worked jointly with the city to deliver a digital solution to the challenge, as well as co-financing to implement the pilot.

In its third year, the Future Ready Cities program will continue to share the lessons learned and experiences from participating cities while at the same time expanding our work to provide more actionable tools, exchange and learning opportunities for cities to empower them to build more resilient, sustainable, and inclusive cities.

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